Our Membership

The Lee A. Archer Chapter is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds and experiences and includes men and women, active duty military, retired military, civilians and varied ages.

Chapter Officers

President:  Clyde Jones, Sr, 707-386-9592

Vice President:  MSgt. Terrance Callaway

Secretary:  Cynthia Baggett

Treasurer:  Howard Gunn

Parliamentarian:  William Reed

Historian:  Aubrey Matthews

Membership Chair:  Ames Harris, 707-631-6361

Public Relations Committee:  Alvin Thomas, Tamara Jones

Young Eagles:  Howard Gunn, Gerald Gordon, Aubrey Matthews, Diana Esters-Rafalski

Scholarship Committee:  MSgt. Terrance Callaway, Ken Buckley , Tamara Jones

2012 Ball Committee:  Jim Harris, MSgt. Terrance Callaway, Alvin Thomas,

Events: Tamara Jones, 707-330-0331


3 thoughts on “Our Membership

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